Spring Cleaning: Getting Rid of That Winter Sludge Part II

Spring Cleaning: Getting Rid of That Winter Sludge Part II

Aaaaaaaaye, I’m back at it again! Did any of you try the date and prune butter I attempted last week? If you haven’t yet and want to you can find the recipe here → Spring Cleaning: Getting Rid of That Winter Sludge … I kicked off my body spring clean with dates and prunes.  It didn’t work like people claimed. I am guessing it depends on the individual.

Instead of trying to attempt another random natural cleanse I decided to go with my tried and true Sea Salt Water Flush. I’ve been doing this flush for years but stopped a few years back for no real good reason. My whole diet regimen kinda went out the door at some point.  Probably when my relationship with my ex-boyfriend went down the drain. *shrugs* I’m human.

I first learned about the ability of Sea Salt Water to clean you out from my old roommate.  She and I did the “Beyonce/Lemonade” diet better known as The Master Cleanse Diet. I couldn’t do it for the full two weeks. I got through seven days and called it quits.  I was doing too much walking around Washington, D.C. and exerting physical activity to not have the nutrients needed to sustain myself.

With the Master Cleanse, if you haven’t heard of it, you drink this lemonade made from lemon juice, purified water, maple syrup, and cayenne pepper. That’s all you consume throughout the day.  Then at night, you use an herbal tea laxative like Smooth Move by Yogi Tea. Then in the morning on an empty stomach, you drink 8 oz. of Sea Salt Water.

Toilet in an abandoned building
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I kid you not, you will be on the toilet by the time you are finished drinking the water. I honestly don’t recommend The Master Cleanse as a way to lose weight. It actually does the exact opposite of what you want it to do.  It causes you to not digest or break down the fiber. Everything just shuts down. That’s why you need to use the laxative and salt water to force everything out.

Now I’ve been on a mission to cleanse my body ever since we finished our birthday month in February.  I have felt beyond bloated. My stomach has been in knots and even after doing round one of the Sea Salt Water flush, I still had knots. I decided that between drinking tons of coffee, Coke, and trying to dry up my sinuses I became extremely dehydrated and my body was letting me know.  

So to the Sea Salt Water Flush, I added a hydrating drink I created after doing some research. It should also help with cravings and rev up my metabolism. We shall see. I will go more in depth when I get to that recipe. For now, let’s discuss the benefits of a Sea Salt Water Cleanse:

  • Cleanses the body of chemicals, toxins, parasites, and mucus
  • Balances pH levels
  • Regulates hormones and water content
  • Helps with nutrient absorption throughout the body
  • Prepares you for a diet
  • Reduces bloating
  • Significant weight loss
  • Cleans more than just your colon

Now, those are some great benefits but I don’t want you to think that there aren’t any possible setbacks to do the Sea Salt Water Flush. It is possible it could cause nausea, vomiting, and weakness. Also, if you use it daily that could cause you to become dehydrated, blood pressure changes, dizziness, muscle weakness, fatigue, etc. So make sure you only use this method no more than once a week for a short period of time to do a good cleanse.  Then maybe once a month or once every two or three months for upkeep.

Now that we have all of that covered … what you all have been waiting for… the recipe:

  • 1 Liter (a little over 4 cups) of filtered water
  • 2 tsp of PURE NON-IODINATED sea salt (Himalayan pink salt or grey salt works)
  • Lemon juice for taste is optional

Heat the water just long enough to make it warm but not hot. You want it to be able to dissolve the salt completely.  Add the salt once you are finished heating the water. Stir until the water becomes cloudy or grey. Make sure ALL salt is dissolved before consuming.

Recipe for the Sea Salt Water Flush

It is vital that you take this on an empty stomach.  It works best if you do it on an empty stomach in the morning after waking up.  I will warn you that it works pretty quickly. I am not able to chug a liter of salt water.  It generally takes me around 30 minutes to drink that much. By the time I am finished drinking it I am making my way to the bathroom.  It’s best to clear at least two to three hours of your morning to give your body enough time to finish flushing out. Please, please, please don’t do your morning workout after consuming this drink.  You might be mid jumping jack and have a giant mess on your hands. At the same time if you feel the need to pass gas … DO NOT DO IT!!!! You never know if it is going to be air or a massive explosion on the way.  Head straight to the bathroom.

Now … the flush is done.  What to do. We are nice and clean.  Don’t junk it back up! I would suggest adding a daily probiotic to your routine. This will help establish healthy bacteria in your body. I would also suggest adding more nutrients and fiber.  I did this by continuing to eat my date and prune butter on a piece of toast (recipe here) and drinking my new grapefruit drink I created on top of my regular diet of veggies and no red meat or pork.  

Here is the recipe for my morning Grapefruit Drink:

  • 1 whole grapefruit (removing the skin after the peel … so essentially the pulp my Ninja wouldn’t pulverize the skin which is crazy because it pulverizes any and all things I put in there).
  • 3 TBS of aloe vera (I am eyeing this measurement I just cut a considerable square of my aloe vera leaf off, peel it, and toss it in)
  • 2 tsp of organic apple cider vinegar (make sure the mother is in it, that’s the floaties at the bottom)
  • 2 tsp of raw organic honey

Grapefruit Fat Blaster Recipe

Take all of these throw it in a blender, blend it until it becomes a juice and drink it.  This has become my morning routine for the past week. It literally has held back my cravings as well as made me feel more full.  Toast with the date and prune butter and this drink is all I need for breakfast. I don’t check the scales but once a month so I will let you know in an update if it has helped with losing weight.  I suspect it will if it keeps me from overeating and provides me with the nutrients I need.

Do you have a recipe you want to try but are scared?  Post it in the comments and I will be more than happy to research and test it. Have you tried the Sea Salt Water flush before?  What was your experience with it? Was it effective for you? Hit the comments we would love to hear from you. 🙂

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